What’s AAOA?
AAOA is the Average Age of Accounts currently appearing in your credit report. Both open and closed accounts are factored into your AAOA.

What if my credit report has fewer than 20 accounts?
Just enter the number you have and ignore the rest. The calculation will be correct.

What if I have an account older than 1970?
This simple tool is not for you. And if you have accounts that old, your AAOA is probably excellent.

What about my Open or Revolving AAOA?
The only age calculation that affects your FICO score is the average age of ALL the creditor accounts that appear in your credit report, which is what this tool calculates.

Will my AAOA be logged or stored somewhere?
No. This tool does no logging or storing whatsoever. Plus it’s completely anonymous.

How can I save my results?
Print the page or take a screenshot. We currently have no plans to add an email feature.

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